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Bamboo Bamboo suction plates come in adorable designs and colours. 

Bamboo Bamboo baby suction plates are made of 100% all-natural bamboo, a material which is not only sustainable and eco-friendly, but also antibacterial, so you do not have to fret about harmful chemicals coming into contact with your baby’s food. Bamboo is a sturdy material which can last a long time with proper care and thanks to being cool touch, it doesn’t get hot, so it also protects your little one from getting burnt when eating warmer food. While other bamboo products out there might contain melamine, theirs do not. No BPA, phthalates or other dangerous chemicals come anywhere near our bamboo suction plates to ensure that your baby’s food is safe and healthy.

The food-grade suction base on their bamboo suction plates sticks like superglue to the surface of the high-chair or kiddie tray and is known for adhering so well that it can even lift the high-chair when you try to pick it up! It is spill-proof and kid-proof – only parents can take it off by simply using a helpful little tab on the bottom.

High-quality and safe children's products.

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